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students in cooking class at The Vine Centre

The Vine Centre Cook Book

With a great idea, and funding received from Hampshire County Council’s Waste Prevention Community Grant Fund, we have been able to provide regular No Waste cookery sessions as well as create this book. What started as a monthly cookery session has evolved to weekly sessions, with people enjoying it so much they come back week after week. Our idea was developed through seeing the different items that we get donated in our community pantry, and then the items that get taken - or more importantly the items that get left behind. We found that the items that would often be left on the shelf were cheap to buy in the supermarket, nutritious and could make a meal go a long way. We realised that people did not know how to make use of these items and set out to share our knowledge to help people make the most of their money and food.

This book helps to show people simple ways to cook, kitchen basics and ways to save money. We hope it is educational and we know that some of the meals taste great! We are selling this book to raise money to go back into our Community Cupboard.

£10 per book, with all profits supporting those who access our Community Cupboard.

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To help us save on postage costs, if you can collect from our centre, then please do. 

the Vine Centre cook book
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