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Addiction. Gambling, Alcohol, and Substance Misuse Programme

What is GASP? Gambling, Alcohol
and Substance Misuse Programme 

GASP is our project to help those struggling with addiction, be it gambling, alcohol or substance misuse.


What’s your addiction? Life is full of ups and downs - how do we cope with these?


Not all of us are equipped to know how to cope when we hit a bump in the road. How can something fun turn into destructive behaviour? Perhaps it gave us temporary relief from the pain we might feel. Perhaps something that used to be fun has turned into something that has turned your life upside down or has been impacting your life in a negative way?


Gambling, drinking or drug use can be things we turn to in tough times and we are here to say you are not alone and we are here to help. 

Our GASP group is for anyone (18+) facing addiction to gambling, alcohol or a substance of any kind. It is open as a mixed group for both men and women and for those still using or those in recovery.



We do ask that while we respect the fact that those still using may be unable to be completely sober/clean that clients do not appear to be drunk or under the influence.

thursday's 10:00 - 11:30

Relaxed and welcoming 

We practice a relaxed group that promotes respect and consideration of one another, confidentiality, listening to one another and respecting each other’s boundaries. 


We practice a supportive and positive model, offering support to each other when each participant talks about their own struggles. The group can be client-led if desired and clients can bring something to group if they wish. 

As part of GASP, you are able to access any of our other services and request a one to one with the facilitator if you need. Once a month, the GASP group goes out into the town and hold a session in a public place - normally a favourite café of some kind where we fund clients to have a drink of their choice. The idea behind this is to promote social activities and give some of our clients a taste of normality when their usual world is so chaotic.

Having Coffee

We welcome any new referrals (self or organisation) so please get in touch.  You will initially have a brief assessment and after an agreement that GASP is right for you, you will be able to access it straight away. 

Call 01252 400196 or get in touch for more information. 

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