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Silvers is a place for anyone over 55 years old

Our Silvers group runs every Thursday from 1.30 – 3.30pm for the over 55s.


This project is a chance for anyone feeling isolated or lonely to come and have a coffee and a chat with a friendly group of peers. Each week we run different activities including crafts, flower arranging and willow weaving and are always looking for suggestions and new ideas.


Anyone who attends Silvers can join in as much or as little as they like and know they are in a safe, welcoming environment if they need any help or support.

STEPPING OUT: Do you know someone 65 years+ who needs help to boost their confidence in digital skills or with day to day tasks?

We are keen to help those who are more elderly in the community that may have lost confidence in doing the day to day things they used to do. 

The Vine Centre employs a professional support worker who will go out and visit people in the community to find out what support they need to improve their lives and confidence; be that helping with IT skills, using public transport, visiting community groups or simply going out for a walk. 

If you know someone that could use a little extra support - please get in touch. 

THURsday's 13:30 - 15:30

Our Stories...

One lady visitor to Silvers, had an active social life before her husband passed away. Not used to doing things on her own, she lost her confidence and stopped going out.

Her supportive family heard about Silvers and suggested she come along to try it. She has been coming each week ever since, and has forged some new friendships.

IMGP4890 (1).jpg
“Before I came to Silvers I never used to speak to many people.
I feel safe here, and enjoy chatting to the other members of the group”
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