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Military Support

Mental Health Support

Armed Forces Mental Health Support

We offer personalised 1:1 and group support to members of the military community - this includes serving personnel, their families and veterans. The support we provide is for addiction, anger management and mental health - and often the three together.

Anyone that we support from the military community is able to access any of our services should they need to.


Aldershot has a large military presence and we understand that sometimes you may not want to access support through your employer. Please get in touch if you think that you might want to access support at The Vine Centre.

We accept referrals from professionals or self-referral. If you or anyone you know is struggling with addiction, mental health or their anger and would like support, please use the referral form below to get in touch.

Anger Management

Our Anger Management support is based around a 6-week session where we explore their anger and the triggers that might cause it.

Our GASP (Gambling, Alcohol, Substance Misuse Project) is suitable for anyone suffering with addiction and wanting to change their habits and behaviours.

Mental Health Support

Mental health support is the biggest output of our charity. We provide 1:1 intensive support and group sessions and activities to work alongside that.



Our Stories...

S joined the infantry age 23 (Aug 2008), went to Afghanistan twice on the front line and was then medically discharged in 2014. He was diagnosed with PTSD and has an alcohol addiction. He was keen to make changes and understood the importance of reducing harm. His personal hygiene was suffering and we helped him with personal hygiene products – advising him on how often to do various things around his flat.


We supported S to get started with rehab, start with a healthier diet and encouraged him to begin to eat small meals regularly. S began to have breakfast before drinking alcohol and spending more time with family who are out of area which encouraged food intake and a decline in alcohol use.


With this change his personal hygiene also improved – with regular haircuts, brighter eyes and skin. He has started to gain weight and is looking healthier. In this period he has reflected a lot and would like to support young people who might be having a difficult time. He has started an online course in youth work.

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