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The Culture Cafe is a training cafe. A place to learn and discover new skills. 

Our Culture Café is a working café space to meet new friends and socialise whilst learning and discovering new skills.


It runs every Tuesday 12 - 4 and is an opportunity to join in with sessions such as photography, crafts, games and much more.


We take suggestions from those attending in order to decide what each weekly activity should be to make sure that we are offering something that is wanted by the community. Some of our attendees to Culture Café have shared their own talents and hobbies, inspiring their peers to get involved in something new.

Culture Café is the perfect space for someone to relax and read a magazine or try their hand at something new in a safe and welcoming environment. If you would like to find out more about Culture Café, want to attend or want to deliver a session for us then please get in touch!

Barista Training

Barista Training

Through Culture Café we offer the opportunity to do Barista training, giving our clients the chance to add new skills to their CV, gain certification and develop confidence in a café setting.

Trainees will also have the opportunity to volunteer in the café, either at Culture Café or one of our other groups. Baristas are responsible for serving customers and taking orders and payments as well as clean, sanitise, and look after their work areas, seating areas and equipment. With the skills learned, you could go on to work in a coffee shop, café, hotel or restaurant.

To book in, or find out more email Lynda.

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Hear P's story

P first started to attend the Culture Café in 2021 and was a regular attendee with us. He arrived quite anxious, but keen to make changes to his lifestyle. It took him a few weeks to warm up and start engaging with other people. We supported him to gain a volunteering position. P did well at this position, but circumstances changed and he was no longer able to attend. He returned to Culture Café earlier last year and has started to join in with other activities that we offer - such as weekly No Waste Cooking, and has just started Barista training. P has grown in confidence since we first met him and always engages well with the activities. He contributes to the group and makes suggestions on what we can provide in the coming weeks.

Employment & Skills

Are you looking to find employment, volunteer or improve your skills? We have the provision to help you progress in whatever stage you are at.

Community Cupboard

The Community Cupboard is open four days a week for you to choose what you need. No appointment is needed to come. Donations may be required.

No Waste Cooking

Every week we cook something different to make the most of the ingredients we have in our Community Cupboard. Healthy, affordable meals!

For over 55's

A chance for over 55's who are feeling lonely and isolated to come and have a coffee with a friendly group of peers, and hopefully discover something new!

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