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Mental Health, Anger Management & Addiction Support (GASP)

Mental Health Support

Local Mental Health Support

Providing local mental health support to adults living in Aldershot is a huge aspect of our work at The Vine Centre, with over 80% of those accessing our services reporting that they struggle with their mental health. We offer our support to anyone who is not currently under the community mental health team or working with another organisation. We can support those with addiction, anger, or learning difficulties alongside mental health needs.

The aim of our mental health work is to support individuals in making changes that will enable them to manage and improve their mental health, to increase their personal independence – and ensure sustainable changes. We explore their personal difficulties and worries and offer support to clear the barriers to improve their mental health, as well as help to understand their triggers and then techniques to learn how to manage them. 

Personal Support

Our mental health support spans the entirety of our charity. Whether that is 1-1 sessions with our fully trained mental health worker, or group sessions that aim to combat social isolation - everything we do has positive benefits to mental health. 

You are in control of what support you receive and we will work with you to help you figure out what is best for you.

Young Man in Therapy

Make a referral today.

We accept referrals from professionals or self-referral.  If you wish to make a referral please download this form and return via email to

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Our Stories...

A man in his 20’s first visited, suffering with an undiagnosed mental health disorder, addiction and self-harm. He showed signs of alcohol-induced psychosis and bounced from severe depression to manic behaviour. He also showed a lot of anger and aggression toward himself and others.

Slowly but surely he started to open up, not really knowing who he was, he dived in and started to talk. At the first meeting he couldn’t properly describe how he felt, what was going on, or what he really wanted (if he wanted anything out of life at all).

29 sessions and hours later he showed signs of positive change in many ways. His alcohol use is massively reduced and his mental health, is significantly improved. He is now engaging in new interests and has a better relationship with friends and family. He has a bright future ahead.

Anger Management

Our Anger Management support is based around a 6-week session where we explore their anger and the triggers around their behaviors. 

Addiction Support

As a group or in a 1-1 session we can support you to reduce or overcome your addiction, and minimise harm.  Gambling, alcohol and substances included.

Therapeutic Art

Ou weekly Therapeutic Art sessions are ideal for those struggling with their mental health. Our artist explores different themes each week to help you express yourself.

Military Support

We provide 1-1 mental health, anger management and addiction support to members of the armed forces - serving, veterans and/or dependents.

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