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Food Box


MONDAY: 10am - 2pm
WEDNESDAY: 10am - 2pm
THURSDAY: 10am - 2pm

No need to make an appointment. 

Our Community Cupboard is more than just a food bank. It's about reducing waste and tackling food poverty  

Our Community Cupboard is like a food bank in that you can get food and items for your family but it is available to anyone, no referral necessary, who needs a little extra help in providing food.


It is open 4 days per week and no need to book an appointment – just turn up and our friendly team will be available to help you.

More than just providing food 

Access to our Community Cupboard also gives you access to the full range of services that we offer at The Vine Centre including: 


Individuals have the opportunity to visit our cupboard up to 4 times, before requiring a 1:1 budgeting session with one of our support workers. We will work with an individual to assess their current financial situation, looking at income and outgoings and where any savings can be made. 


The aim is that we support individuals and families to be able to move on to a better position, to not stay reliant on the Community Cupboard for supplies. In some cases, it is just not possible and we assess each person on a case by case basis.

Everyone is welcome.

Food sharing to reduce waste and tackle
food poverty in our community


A group for over 55's to meet others, get involved with different activities and have a hot drink!

Culture Cafe

A working café space to meet socialise and meet new friends whilst learning and discovering new skills.

No Waste Cooking

Learn how to cook healthy meals with the ingredients we have in excess in our community cupboard.

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